All About Girls of Color

Harnessing our collective power to make a difference in the lives of girls of color

The All About Girls of Color (AAGOC) Collective unites individuals passionate about youth equity and inclusion to maximize evidence-based practices for supporting and engaging girls of color.

Our Mission: To provide an ecosystem of engaged stakeholders to support girls of color within the various systems that prohibit their growth and development

Our Vision: Women and girls of color thriving in a society absent of structural barriers and free of racial equity and opportunity gaps

Our Why: As women of color, we have a calling and obligation to address the racial equity and opportunity gap that exists for girls of color

Creating opportunities for girls of color to thrive

Our goals include: 
1-Creating safe spaces for women of color to learn how to best support girls of color and each other 

2- Promoting awareness of the policies that lead to detention, expulsion, and/or suspension to increase the academic performance of girls of color 

3- Leveraging existing data to support advocacy and activism efforts for girls of color 

4- Identifying opportunities for activism and advocacy at monthly Collective meetings 

5- Highlighting and promoting areas for additional research pertaining to girls of color 

6- Identifying and inviting additional key stakeholders for participation in the collective 

“The All About Girls of Color Initiative unites a network of stakeholders to provide cohesive services and to advocate for policies in support of girls of color and their families.

Tinesia Conwright, Co-Founder 


Thank You!

Funding for the All About Girls of Color Collective has been provided by the San Diego Women's Foundation and the Latina Giving Circle.